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Topology and Computability[3400 views]

Readers of this blog are familiar with notions of computability – basically, the question is, what can machines do without human assistance? And you are familiar with machines. Electronic ones of course, but I always like to think of machines … Continue reading

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PyLucid : Calculating Dimensionalities with Yaghi Code [850 views]

When Lucid first came out decades ago it was a very primitive language. It had only program variables and built-in operators and functions, like next or fby. Users could not define their own functions (or “subroutines” as they were often … Continue reading

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Functional Programming for the Rest of Us – get PyFL Now! [6600 views]

It was developed in a secret lab and released, after which it spread rapidly. COVID? (maybe …). But I’m talking about the new PyFL interpreter. It’s finally available for the general public at To make things simple, in the form … Continue reading

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