This is my professional blog, with technical posts about Lucid, math, and other subjects plus occasional ‘humorous’ content. No personal stuff other than reminiscences from my career, all from many years ago.

I’ve been very fortunate in that most of the posts here were ‘successful’ according to my criteria: (1) made it to the front page of Hacker News; and (2) generated at least 1000 (one thousand) views (wordpress provides analytics).

However not all the posts were successful by these criteria. Posts that are complete flops are quickly removed but some, especially technical ones, are kept if I think they are worth reading in spite of their unpopularity.

I’m very keen to get your feedback, it really helps me to post material that’s of actual interest. Feedback can take the form of comments, likes, HN upvotes and comments, and email. You’d think that with thousands of readers I’d get tons of comments but it doesn’t work that way. Every comment and email will be carefully read and, usually, replied to.


Bill Wadge (“Wadge” is pronounced like “wage”)