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Branching Time Iteration [2000 views]

By Bill Wadge In the original Lucid language, the index domain (the set of natural numbers) was thought of as a set of time points-Lucid was designed as a temporal functional programming language. Of course by choosing the set of … Continue reading

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I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me. Writing grant applications [13,500 views]

For two years I was on the Canadian NSERC committee that reviewed individual grant applications. Fascinating. After reading dozens of applications you can begin to see patterns emerging. I’m going to review some of these  patterns, all but one of … Continue reading

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The Secret of Academic Success – or fun filled failure if you prefer [14,300 views]

In my research career I’ve discovered many things, including the secret of academic success (too late to help my own career). I’m  going to share the secret  with  you.

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