Hello world! [250 views]

I’m that Bill Wadge, inventor of Wadge Degrees, co-inventor of the dataflow Language Lucid, and a few other things. I’ll be blogging about my past and current research and posting papers and even software. See you soon.

Bill Wadge, Computer Science, University of Victoria, Canada

About Bill Wadge

I am a retired Professor in Computer Science at UVic.
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2 Responses to Hello world! [250 views]

  1. Steve Matthews says:

    Bill was my PhD supervisor at Warwick. from where Lucid led me eventually into ‘partial metric spaces’. For some crazy reason Bill never revealed his first life of ‘Wadge degrees’ to me, which actually enabled me to focus on issues in topology and functional programming. Now though I find traces of Wadge degrees playing a vital role in introducing complexity theory to programming language design. Long live the many lives of Bill Wadge!!

  2. back in 1992, i was in Bill’s first year comp sci class, very interesting, both about comp sci and about world politics bill had interesting views.

    cool stuff, take care.

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